Cambridge University launches new anti-fake news game to teach online users how to keep misinformation from going viral

  • Cambridge University has launched a new online game that educates players on the dangers of fake news by plunging them into a world of misinformation.
  • The aim behind it is to stop the spread of fake news by pre-bunking it.
  • The game takes just ten minutes to play and runs you through four short levels that expose the top manipulation techniques witnessed in today’s online world.

It’s not always easy to tell real news apart from fake news, especially in a world where misinformation trends faster than facts. However, a new game by Cambridge University called Harmony Square wants to change that status quo by getting ahead of the problem — or ‘pre-bunking’ fake news.

“Trying to debunk misinformation after it has spread is like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. By pre-bunking, we aim to stop the spread of fake news in the first place,” said

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LinkedIn’s new tool helps users make a career change through overlapping skills

LinkedIn launched a new tool aimed towards helping recently unemployed Americans make a career change. 


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The business social network unveiled the Career Explorer feature, which displays careers job seekers can transition into by finding skills that overlap with their previous jobs. The tool ranks the skills in order of importance depending on the job position. 

LinkedIn users can also identify skills that they would need to build to make the career pivot they want. Once a user clicks on a skill they need to build, they are launched to a list of LinkedIn courses users can take to improve that skill. 

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The feature also shows the popularity rate for a specific career transition, and helps users connect with people in the field they are interested in through LinkedIn. 

“We know that the majority

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