‘Care work is hugely uplifting’: meet the driving instructor who did a career U-turn | All together

Camilla, a former driving instructor who has become a carer

By following her passion, Camilla found herself a rewarding new role.
Photograph: Trevor Ray Hart

Having painstakingly built up her business as a driving instructor over the past four years, the decision to shift careers during lockdown was not an easy one for Camilla, 32, from Worcester. But in the weeks leading up to the lockdown announcement, she had noticed a steady surge in cancellations.

“Quite a few people weren’t comfortable having lessons because they were worried about the virus and because everyone’s financial priorities had shifted,” she says. “Then the 2-metre distancing rule was implemented and I knew that wasn’t possible in a car. It wasn’t essential work, either.”

Realising her income had shrunk to virtually nothing overnight, Camilla took action and began searching for other opportunities. “Initially I looked into supermarket work and delivery driver jobs, but then I realised that I’d always wanted to provide home care

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Pubs welcome government U-turn on takeaway alcohol during second lockdown

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable young man pouring a cold bottle of beer while sitting on sofa
Alcohol will be able to be ordered and collected from pubs during the second national lockdown. (Getty)

The government has U-turned on guidance for the second lockdown which previously suggested a ban on restaurants and pubs serving takeaway alcohol.

Official guidelines published over the week had indicated that alcoholic drinks would not be able to be sold to customers to take home during the national lockdown in England that starts on Thursday.

However, the new rules now state customers can pre-order their drink online, or by phone or post, which can then be collected – as long as they do not enter a premises.

The proposed regulations, that were published on Tuesday evening, say that a restricted business can only sell alcohol for off-premises consumption by “making deliveries in response to orders received” through a website or other on-line communication, by telephone, including text message, or by post.

The regulations

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