Vance Technology Launches Vance AI Background Remover for Image Editing

Vance Technology, an AI-powered web solution provider, recently launched its Vance AI Background Remover, a new AI web tool to remove background automatically online.

What Can Vance AI Background Remover Do?

Creating a large number of professional product photos is absolutely a challenging task. A totally white background is often needed to make your products stand out. However, supposedly white backgrounds are never totally white. Here, Vance AI Background Remover comes in. This Remover excels in using deep learning to remove backgrounds from all kinds of images, especially high-quality images. After the background is removed, you can edit the image and add new backgrounds in different colors with Vance AI Background Remover. Even sky replacement comes true.

How to Remove Background with Vance AI?

With the deep learning technology and image segmentation method, Vance AI Background Remover has trained its model with millions of sample images to improve its efficiency

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