Science Gallery Venice

Professor Michele Bugliesi, Rector of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and Science Gallery Venice’s Director Neal Hartman, are proud of the Earth Water Sky residency programme which is perfectly in line with the three core values of Science Gallery Venice: sustainability, accessibility and inclusiveness. “Haseeb Ahmed’s proposal crucially matches our mission of inclusivity by emphasising the importance of different sectors of our society collaborating and working together”, states Neal Hartman. “Moreover, it fits with our environmental commitment and goal to propose activities which are accessible to all.” The Rector Michele Bugliesi adds that “the artist selection by the jury shows the pioneering spirit of us at Science Gallery Venice and Ca’ Foscari University, as well as our active and creative engagement in the most crucial global challenges.” 

Haseeb Ahmed will carry out his residency,  working closely with Professor Craig Martin, who is writing a global history of the science and

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