Veriheal Advocates Diversity, Education And Innovation For Cannabis Tech

The medical marijuana business has boomed in recent years. While the powerful plant has been applied for centuries, these days, it’s available in multiple methods of intake — from oils and tinctures, to inhalants, to pills and other edible forms.

Alongside the progress of medical cannabis, cannatech platforms have emerged — platforms that connect patients with licensed doctors online, allowing them access to their state’s medical cannabis program. Veriheal is a healthcare technology program dedicated to providing cannabis education and ensuring the wellness of patients everywhere.

Behind Veriheal are entrepreneurs Joshua Green and Samuel Adetunji, who aim to innovate the medical cannabis landscape. Recognizing the demand for medical marijuana cards, they wanted to use technology to help bridge the gap between patients and access. 

An online portal where patients can apply and receive their medical marijuana cards, the platform also offers access to licensed physicians, dispensary locations and more. It

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