Watch Career Timeline | Glenn Close Breaks Down Her Career, from ‘Fatal Attraction’ to ‘101 Dalmatians’ | Vanity Fair Video | CNE |

All we want as actors is to have great roles. [laughs]

I have not had a career

where all the great parts have come onto my desk.

I just have not had the luxury of just sitting around

and having people pour great scripts my way.

I think of my career as challenging

and working at it, making things happen.

I’m Glenn Close, and this is the timeline of my career.

Is it all right?

It’s not in it.

It’s a she, and she’s all right.

I was starring in Barnum on Broadway,

and George Roy Hill and Marion Dougherty

who really, she pioneered the role of casting director,

and George said later that she knew

what he wanted more than he did.

They sat and watched me in Barnum,

and I was asked to come in and audition for Jenny Fields.

But he can’t feel life.

So he takes

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Touro College and University System and YuJa Align to Consolidate Video Management and Lecture Capture Solutions Across 30 Campuses

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Touro College and University System has engaged YuJa to consolidate video solutions across all campuses in support of the TouroOne initiative. Headquartered in New York State, the University System has campuses in Nevada, California, Illinois, and Connecticut, with additional branch campuses in Berlin, Jerusalem, and Moscow.

TouroOne is the outgrowth of Project Enterprise, a successful effort to unite Touro College and University Systems’ (TCUS) numerous campuses administratively, so they are operating as an integrated unit and in a consistent manner. TouroOne encompasses finance, student services, financial aid, human resources and related systems throughout the TCUS.

YuJa Enterprise Video Platform enables automated workflows, including hardware-based lecture capture, software-based recording, and media management solutions. The contract was awarded following a rigorous Request for Proposal (RFP) process defined by the University System’s detailed functional requirements for video storage and streaming, video recording, auto-captioning and transcription, live streaming capabilities,

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Video: Tiger Woods Shoots 10 on Par-3 12th at Masters; Worst Hole in His Career | Bleacher Report

Tiger Woods reacts after a near chip in on the second hole during the final round of the Masters golf tournament Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Chris Carlson/Associated Press

Tiger Woods was already out of contention going into the back nine at the Masters Sunday, but he hit a new low during a brutal 12th hole.

Woods shot a 10 on the par-three hole, hitting his first two shots in the water before dumping a third one in the creek on a terrible shot from the sand:

It resulted in the worst score of the player’s illustrious career:

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Video games ‘good for well-being’, says University of Oxford study

Image caption

One of the games in the study was Plants vs Zombies

People who play video games for long periods of time tend to report feeling happier than those who do not, a study has indicated.

The Oxford Internet Institute research
focused on two games: Nintendo’s Animal Crossing and EA’s Plants vs Zombies.

In an unusual step, the developers of the games shared anonymised data about how long each participant had played.

These logs were then linked to a survey in which the players answered questions about their well-being.

A total of 3,274 gamers took part. All were over 18.

In previous research, data gathered about the duration of subjects’ gaming sessions was based on self-reported “guesstimates”, which can be inaccurate.

Surprising findings

Nintendo solely provided data on playing times in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

But EA also shared some data about in-game performance within Plants vs Zombies: Battle

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Video games can make you ‘happier’ says University of Oxford study

Animal-Crossing-Artwork-instructions.Nintendo / Getty Museum

A new study has found that playing video games can make you “happier”.

Researchers at Oxford University studied data from 3,274 gamers who played Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons and EA’s Plants vs Zombies.

The developers of the games sent the researchers information about how long each person had played for, and the players were asked questions about their mental well-being.

This is the first time a study like this has been able to link up psychological questionnaires, with actual in-game play-time.

Feeling ‘happier’

Plants vs ZombiesEA

One of the games in the study was Plants vs Zombies

Professor Andrew Przybylski, who led the study, said he was surprised by the results.

“If you play Animal Crossing for four hours a day, every single day, you’re likely to say you feel significantly happier than someone who doesn’t” he said.

He also added: “That doesn’t mean Animal Crossing by

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Study Suggests Video Games Can Help Mental Health | Business News

LONDON (AP) — Time spent playing video games can be good for mental health, according to a new study by researchers at Oxford University.

The finding comes as video game sales this year have boomed as more people are stuck at home because of the pandemic and many countries have once again imposed limits on public life.

The paper released Monday is based on survey responses from people who played two games, Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In a first, the study used data provided by the game makers, Electronic Arts and Nintendo of America, on how much time the respondents spent playing, unlike previous research that relied on imprecise estimates from the players.

The researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute said they found the actual amount of time spent playing was a small but significant positive factor in people’s well-being.

The paper, which

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SpaceX launch marks a new era for NASA [Video]

SpaceX launched four astronauts into orbit on Sunday (November 15) marking a major milestone for NASA.

It was their first full-fledged mission on board a privately-owned spacecraft.

The ‘Resilience’ is SpaceX’s newly-designed Crew Dragon capsule.

It blasted off atop the company’s Falcony 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Flordia, a big win for billionaire Elon Musk, who founded the company.

Astronaut commander Mike Hopkins described the launch as “one heck of a ride.”

The crew headed to the International Space Station some 250 miles (or 400 km) above Earth – a 27-hour trip.

Ahead of lift-off the astronauts fitted in their custom white suits, driven out to the launch pad in SUVs made by Tesla, another of Musk’s companies.

The other NASA crew include Victor Glover, reportedly the first Black astronaut to live aboard the orbiting laboratory, and physicist Shannon Walker

Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi was also onboard,

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Elon Musk ‘most likely’ has moderate COVID-19 [Video]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday (November 14) that he “most likely” has a moderate case of COVID-19, though he continued to question the accuracy of the tests.

In a tweet he wrote that he was, quote, “getting wildly different results from different labs” but added that his “symptoms are that of a minor cold, which is no surprise, since a coronavirus is a type of cold.”

He did not mention whether the results were from polymerase chain reaction tests, which are more accurate than rapid tests.

On Thursday (November 12), Musk said that rapid antigen test results from the same machine and the same test returned two negative, then two positive results, all on the same day.

Musk’s presence at the launch of four NASA astronauts into orbit aboard his SpaceX company’s spacecraft had been thrown into question due to COVID-19.

The launch was pushed back from Saturday

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Video: Hear from Vallejo couple who stress power of Black love, education in Oakland protest

Louis Michael’s college graduation was canceled over the summer, but the Vallejo resident still wanted to walk in his cap and gown.

So he wore it to a protest on May 29 in Oakland with a Black Lives Matter T-shirt under the gown. Sarahbeth Maney’s photograph of Michael standing with his fist in the air in front of police officers went viral. It was Michael’s first protest. Four days later, on June 2, the direction of Michael’s life changed when Sean Monterrosa, a 22-year-old San Franciscan, was fatally shot by Vallejo police. He was the 19th person killed by Vallejo police since 2010.

Michael, 23, had planned to go to graduate school. Instead, in June, he started Vessels of Vallejo, a community organization to fight the oppression of marginalized people. In August, he began his campaign for a seat on the Vallejo City Council.  He only captured 37% of the

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Recall Information for 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV Battery Fires [Video]

Chevrolet Bolt Chief Engineer Jesse Ortega announces a recall for select 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolt EVs and shows how to limit the battery’s maximum state of charge to 90 percet as a precautionary measure. 

Video Transcript

JESSE ORTEGA: Hello. I’m Jesse Ortega, GM’s Executive Chief Engineer of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. I would like to share with you some important safety information about your vehicle. As you may be aware, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has investigated a few complaints the agency has received from Chevrolet Bolt EV owners about potential fires.

GM had already been investigating these complaints prior to the announcements, and cooperating with NHTSA on that investigation. The safety of our customers and our vehicles is the highest priority for my team and the rest of the team at General Motors and Chevrolet. Which is why today, we’re announcing a voluntary safety recall of certain 2017 through

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