Vince Vaughn returns in ‘Freaky.’ Don’t call it a comeback

Vince Vaughn has been starring in movies for a quarter of a century, ever since his breakout as a swaggering wannabe actor in the 1996 indie comedy “Swingers.” But in these strange and stressful times in which we find ourselves, his life is perhaps not as different from yours as you might imagine.

His days are punctuated by Zoom meetings. With his family largely confined to their home in Manhattan Beach, the 50-year-old actor frets over keeping his two kids, who are in the second and fourth grade, from falling behind where they should be academically and socially. Like most of us, he is looking for new ways to occupy his time; over the last few months, he’s been playing the occasional Friday-night game of Dungeons & Dragons online with a group of friends led by Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

“I used to play as a kid,”

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