Virginia’s largest county delays plan to expand in-person education

Virginia’s largest school system on Monday said it would be halting plans to send students back to in-person learning.

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Can cleaner air boost academic performance?

Fairfax County Public Schools was planning to send 6,800 pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and special education students back to physical classrooms on Tuesday, but superintendent Scott Brabrand said that coronavirus cases had exceeded “the threshold to expand our in-person learning.”

In a letter sent to families on Monday, Brabrand wrote, “We made this decision as soon as new health metrics were released and are communicating it to you immediately as promised. We always anticipated the need to potentially adjust our return to school plans as necessary during this ongoing pandemic.”

The Fairfax system serves about 186,000 students. About 8,000 students have returned to classrooms so far, The Washington Post reports. Those students are currently engaged in a hybrid model of learning, and there has so

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