Austria gets virus-themed stamps on toilet paper

Austria’s post office has unveiled a new coronavirus-themed stamp, printed on toilet paper in an ironic nod to the stockpiling which took place at the start of the pandemic. 

Adorning the stamps is a picture of a baby elephant, adopted by the Austrian government at the beginning of the pandemic as a symbol of the one-metre (three feet) distance from others needed to help prevent transmission of the virus.

“If you put ten of the stamps end to end you get the length of a baby elephant,” explained Austrian Post spokesman Markus Leitgeb.

The stamps are presented in block format in the size of a standard 10 centimetre-wide piece of toilet paper, complete with perforations to enable a smaller piece to be torn off as a standalone stamp.

There is no need to moisten the stamps, which come with an adhesive backing already attached.

A total of 300,000 copies have

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