A Distinguished U.S. University Medical Center Extends Vital Security Program Partnership

CynergisTek, (NYSE AMERICAN: CTEK), a leading cybersecurity firm helping more than 1,000 healthcare facilities navigate emerging security and privacy issues, today announced a nearly $1 million managed services contract extension of its strategic partnership with a leading university medical center which will fund crucial expanded services for the healthcare institution at a time when research organizations are in dire need of vital protection from cyber adversaries.

The expanded program includes CynergisTek’s new security validation service, which provides confirmation that processes, technology, and security controls are responding effectively to simulated attacks. By doing so, clients can develop and evaluate defensive strategies and demonstrate a solid ROI from their security investment when healthcare organizations everywhere are facing new obstacles and dynamic threats.

A recent CynergisTek report stated that organizations that have invested in security-focused resources show year-over-year improvement in their NIST CSF scores. Leveraging CynergisTek’s managed services program, allows

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Diversity of thought is vital in education | Education

As academics in the field of education and social sciences, we are writing to express our concern about the recent pattern of statements and policy guidance by politicians proscribing certain materials and bodies of work from the curriculum in schools and colleges. This includes materials that support calls to abolish or overthrow capitalism, that critique white privilege, or that promote “divisive or victim narratives”.

We are particularly concerned by the misrepresentation of critical race theory, a well-established, diverse body of work. At a time when racism is on the rise, in Britain and globally, teachers and pupils can benefit from the tools and resources developed by critical race theorists to understand how racism operates across society, including in education. To target this body of theory at this moment in time amounts to an attack on black scholars and activists who are already struggling against racial injustice.

Dissent, diversity and

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Funding for education is vital now more than ever

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Joseph Hennessey teaches English at Piscataquis Community High School in Guilford. He was the 2019 Maine Teacher of the Year.

Though I used the term frequently throughout my year of service and public platform as Maine’s 2019 teacher of the year, “essential public service” has taken on different meaning since the COVID-19 pandemic has taken root in the United States. As the social fabric has been stretched, it has become clearer where the gaps in the fabric exist, and where essential workers of all persuasions are striving to fill them. In a time of uncertainty and projected budget shortfalls, it is tempting to question the additive value and fiscal cost of our public services; public education is not exempt from that scrutiny.

In anticipation

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Why Are Scholarships Vital?

Each high school senior desires to go to college. Know-it-all’s may disrupt the classroom and distract different college students from studying. The factor to recollect is that whether or not earning a college diploma in America or another country, you will see a wide range of tuition price ranges. All students get full-tuition scholarships, although they do must pay for their room, board and books.

They are essential to students looking for admission into college. In the case of the former you don’t need to begin making use of for colleges on the finish of your last semester or it’s possible you’ll find that your advanced education career isn’t going to start when you’d like.

With 50,000 college students (more than any other faculty in the country), UT boasts among the nation’s finest business, legislation and engineering faculties. Should you really feel that you have discovered all you presumably can … Read More