Teacher Education – Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education Program

Making a difference in the lives of children, families and communities.

“We have reached an unprecedented moment in planetary history. Humans now affect the Earth and its processes more than all other natural forces combined …. The shifting of consciousness is the beginning of change”.

(Burtynsky, Baichwal and dePencier, 2018)

Teaching in the contemporary classroom is a complex undertaking. The professional educator in the contemporary context must have a clear understanding of our collective histories and how they, along with socio-cultural, political and economic forces shape our practice.

We challenge our Teacher Candidates to grapple with questions such as,

  • What does it mean to know something?
  • What is involved in the process of understanding?
  • What are the moral responsibilities of understanding?
  • What does it mean to act on one’s knowledge and understanding in the world?

At Western’s Faculty of Education, we prepare teachers to reflexively ask where their own ways of seeing the world come from, and in the process, clarify their own meaning systems as they make the shift to professional practitioner, with a responsibility to equity for all students.

Our faculty is committed to both representing the society we live in, but also working to transform the lives of students and families in our communities in meaningful ways. Come join us as we work together for a better future for all.

Why Our Program?

Why Our Program?

  • Focus on professional competencies
  • Specialization elective choices
  • Equal field and classroom time
  • International opportunities

key benefits of program

Why Western University?

Why Western University?

Western University is a top tier institution known around the world and rated one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada.

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Why London Ontario?

Why London Ontario?

Since 1878, the fortunes of Western University and the City of London have been undeniably linked.

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Career Possibilities

Your BEd degree from Western’s Faculty of Education qualifies you for an Ontario Teaching Certificate, which is recognized instantly across Canada. International employers also recognize the knowledge, competence, and skills that Western Education graduates have to offer and eagerly attend our job fairs. With the BEd, many of our alumni have gone on to work in diverse fields such as these—and more:

  • teaching in public, private, and independent schools
  • teaching in adult education centres, colleges, and other postsecondary institutions
  • developing and writing curriculum for museums, art galleries, prisons
  • teaching and administration in international settings
  • corporate training
  • youth and social services
  • Provincial and Federal Government services
  • business or legal training

Program Streams

Western’s Bachelor of Education program consists of three streams leading to certification by the Ontario College of Teachers. You can elect to take the Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate, or Intermediate-Senior stream to develop expertise in teaching students in grades JK-6, 4-10, and 7-12, respectively. As well as selecting a program stream, you are given the choice of a specialty area consistent with your interests and goals.



Prepare to teach all subjects, Kindergarten to grade 6. Primary-Junior French: Prepare to teach core and immersion French, K-6.


Junior - Intermediate


Prepare to teach grades 4 to 10. You must choose French, Music or Religious Education for Catholic Schools as a teaching option.


Intermediate - Senior


Prepare to teach grades 7 to 12. You must choose two teaching options from a list of teachable subjects. Learn more below.


Transfer into a Master’s program

Bachelor of Education graduates have the opportunity to use their Specialty courses to “ladder” into, or gain advanced standing in, our Master of Professional Education (MPEd). This allows BEd graduates to complete an MPEd in 14-16 months, instead of the typical 24 months.

This pathway will be discontinued in Summer 2021. Only Teacher Candidates graduating before Spring 2021 are eligible.

Time Commitment and Delivery

The Bachelor of Education program is a full-time, four-term program. It may not be completed, in whole or in part, on a part-time basis. Some courses are offered fully on-site in face-to-face formats; other courses include online components, and a very few courses are fully online. The program is structured as follows (illustrated below):

Year 1 – 9 weeks in-class, 4 weeks practicum, 4 weeks holiday, 9 weeks in-class, 4 weeks practicum

Year 2 – 6 weeks practicum, 6 weeks in-class, 3 weeks AFE, 3 weeks holiday, 5 or 6 weeks practicum, 4 weeks AFE

(Note that specific dates are released each year following Faculty and University approval.)

Program Breakdown

In-Faculty classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and while most end by 6:30 p.m., there may be some sections of some classes running until 7:30/8:30 p.m.

During practicum blocks, you must be in your assigned schools Monday through Friday. Morning arrival time and afternoon departure time is at the discretion of the school and Associate Teacher; arrival as early as 7:30 a.m. is not unusual. Click the button to learn more about the practicum portion of the program.


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