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The Technology, Innovation, and Education (TIE) Program nurtures creative leaders in education toward researching and designing new technologies and media that promote powerful teaching and engaged learning.

TIE asks you to consider, “Who are the users, and what educational challenges are they grappling with?” — choosing the medium or technology that delivers the most effective learning experience for your specific goal. Technology is the means, not the mission, for harnessing innovation and creativity to improve educational outcomes for all learners.

Whether it’s a course on designing cutting-edge technologies, a practicum on large-scale distance learning, or a course on evaluating the impact of educational apps, we concentrate on the cognitive, affective, and social dimensions of learning, not on the bit rate.

Senior Lecturer Joe Blatt, faculty director

TIE is a one-year program for people from a wide variety of academic, professional, and personal backgrounds. No previous computer science or technology experience is required to apply to the program. The strengths of the program include:

  • Cohort and Community – One of the biggest assets of the TIE program are your fellow students. You will join a remarkable cohort of passionate educators and creative thinkers of all ages from all around the world. You will also become part of the larger HGSE family, a supportive community that is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and equity in education.
  • Internships and Field Work – TIE’s internship program connects you with organizations and entrepreneurs doing exciting work at the intersection of education and technology. Popular internship sites include WGBH, IBM Visualization and Behavior Group, Walden Media, the MIT Media Lab, the Boston Museum of Science, and many more.

Curriculum Information

TIE examine cutting-edge technologies that bridge distance and time, the research behind them and the design that goes into them – but we always center on the cognitive, affective, and social dimensions of learning, not on hardware or fashion.

The curriculum is designed to be both comprehensive and customizable, bridging three critical areas: design, implementation, and research. The goal is to help you prepare for a dynamic leadership career in technology development, entrepreneurship, and policy; online, mobile, and social media design; research and evaluation; teaching and administration; or in any of the many other education and technology fields in which TIE graduates are now working.

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You will complete seven courses (28 credits) made up of four technology-related electives, three additional electives, and one TIE internship experience. Participation in a TIE internship may be replaced by a technology-related elective. Your faculty adviser will help plot a learning experience to fulfill your individual goals. You are also asked to demonstrate thougtful engagement with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion by taking a course or internship that focuses on these issues. 

You will receive a firm grounding in three key areas:

  • principles of creative design
  • leadership skills required to implement new technology and media projects
  • research that informs our understanding of teaching and learning, and our ability to evaluate the effectiveness of media and technology projects.

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Required Courses

You will complete 4 courses (16 credits)

T519   Digital Fabrication and Making in Education (fall)

T522     Innovation by Design: Projects in Educational Technology (fall)

T550    Designing for Learning by Creating (fall)

T560     Universal Design for Learning (fall)

T561    Transforming Education through Emerging Technologies (fall)

T565    Entrepreneurship in the Educational Marketplace (fall)

HT-123  Informal Learning for Children (January)

T537  Rapid Prototyping of Educational Products (January)

T217    Designing K–12 Computer Science Learning Experiences (spring)

T514     Multi-Modal Analytics (spring)

T513   Adaptive Learning: Investigations and Exercises (spring)

T523    Formative Evaluation for Educational Product Development (spring)

T525   Connected Teaching in the Digital Age (spring)

T530  Designing and Producing Media for Learning (spring)

T545    Motivation and Learning: Technologies that Invite and Immerse (spring)

T581   Advanced Design Studio (spring)

T590  Field Experience in Educational Entrepreneurship (spring)

You will complete one TIE internship (4 credits)

  • T598 TIE INTERNSHIP (may be replaced with another technology-related elective)

* May be taken only with the consent of the instructor.

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Program Faculty

The faculty that TIE students most often work with include:

Fieldwork & Internships

Where Alumni Work

  • Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)
  • Disney
  • Edutopia
  • Google
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • LeapFrog Enterprises
  • Microsoft
  • MIT
  • PBS Kids
  • Sesame Workshop
  • Schools and school systems all over the world

Alumni & Student Profiles

TIE graduates are leaders in the creative development of education and technology. They launch start-ups that are part of the entrepreneurial wave driving educational innovation today. They design games and build apps that teach reading and math concepts to schoolchildren in Latin America. They evaluate new products and conduct the research that will inform the next generation of educational technology. They lead the integration of technology into teaching at every level of school, in workplaces, hospitals, and government offices. And they produce TV programs and interactive websites that provide informal learning to kids and their families, teens and their peers, and teachers and other professionals.

Alice Liou

Be the Upstander

An alum-created app helps educators address microaggression.

Dalia Abbas

Building a Learning Experience: Dalia Abbas, TIE’19

The Intellectual Contribution Award recipient for Technology, Innovation, and Education reflects on her time at HGSE and looks toward the future.

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