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Just added … Lessons
for Learning @ Home
Need lessons and worksheets to
send home for students to complete without Internet?  Check out
this new page! While students may use Internet
where available, students without access will be able to complete
the activities.  I am encouraging my students to use their
Interactive Science Notebooks as a resource.

Looking for lessons to epidemiology? 
Check out the
Solve the Outbreak

website from the CDC. My
resources –

student worksheet with
teacher directions

and the

– are
available on the Biology lessons


What are my students studying right now? My
classes are exploring

Genetics & Heredity with lessons from SpongeBob
and his pals. 
They will also be making

DNA keychains
and explore DNA evidence to kick off the
Forensic Science unit.  


Mrs. T’s Site Spotlight –
Legends of
My students are loving the new Awakening
game option on Legends.  I love the options to address several
standards at once rather than limited to one on a normal playlist.
The students are required to answer a
set number of questions for each standard I select and have options to pick
the minigames they want to play. 

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