The University Seminars

  • These are the places to make mistakes and to take intellectual risks.

    Robert L. Belknap

  • Every Seminar evening produces a renewal of intellectual curiosity and energy and a surge in the power of thinking.

    Lisa Keller

  • The University Seminar is an independent universe.
    Its boundaries are limited only by its horizons.

    Frank Tannenbaum

  • I have always been a great admirer of this institution, which to me looks like an authentic republic of letters…

    Hannah Arendt

  • The strength of its structure lies in the very multiplicity of its forms;
    each a small living world in itself…

    Margaret Mead

  • …Seminars provide a haven for the expression of the partly-baked
    ‘a speculation, a question of some novelty…

    Robert K. Merton

  • We have to some extent learned each other’s language… to talk together more profitably.

    Horace L. Friess

  • These seminars let participants combine what they worry about as
    members of the academy, with what they worry about when they
    read the morning paper.

    Sidney Morgenbesser

  • The Seminars are one of the few places on campus where faculty, from different disciplines, across the NYC area, can come together for open, honest, and sustained dialogue…

    Paige West

  • …Seminars provide a brilliant system for faculty and graduate students of the greater New York area to discuss topics that fall outside the traditional confines of departments.

    Herbert Terrace

  • Because the idea is still alive…it is still a movement. Because it has assumed a shape, it is a community of scholars.

    Joseph Maier

  • Since their inception in 1944, the Seminars have provided a place to experience the simultaneous loss of innocence and prejudice.

    Robert Pollack

  • The Seminars bring together three generations of scholars and nonacademic members: young professionals, persons in the prime years of their careers, and emeriti.

    The University Seminars

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