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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 19

Dissertation Defense: Nick Hasle
(Fowler Lab, Ph.D. in Genome Sciences)

“Using visual phenotypes to dissect sequence-function relationships and complex drug responses”

1:30 | flier | defense will be held remotely

Thursday, May 21

Dissertation Defense: Sarah Hilton
(Bloom Lab, Ph.D. in Genome Sciences)

“Modeling the effects of site-specific amino-acid preferences on protein evolution”

2:00 | defense will be held remotely


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New Faculty

Genome Sciences is delighted that Dr. Alison Feder has accepted our offer to be an assistant professor and will join the department in 2021. Dr. Feder is currently a Miller Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a mathematical biologist who studies evolutionary forces that drive rapid adaptation, such as that seen in viruses becoming resistant to drugs.

Genome Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Devin Schweppe has accepted our offer to be an assistant professor and will join our department in 2020. Dr. Schweppe is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Steven Gygi at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Schweppe will develop proteomics methods to analyze dynamic cellular signaling networks.

2020 Incoming Class

Introducing the Genome Sciences 2020 incoming class:

Leah Anderson – Ohio State University

Gabrielle Ferra – Brown University

Lincoln Harris – Swarthmore College

Chris Hsu – University of Washington

Aidan Keith – University of Washington

Eduard Kotysh – Washington University

Tony Li – Johns Hopkins University

Chris McGann – Northeastern University

Alexis Neuman – Western Washington University

Luana Paleologu – University of Washington

Taylor Real – UC Santa Cruz

Elena Romero – Harvey Mudd College

Abbey Thorpe – George Washington University

Cassia Wagner – UW MSTP

Department News

Eliza Barkan has been awarded an NSF Fellowship. Conor Camplisson, Luana Paleologu, and Zorian Thornton have received honorable mention.

Gesine Cauer and Andrew Savinov have been awarded NRSA fellowships.

GSAIMS has been awarded a Diversity and Inclusion Seed Grant from the University of Washington and is excited for their new upcoming events.

Technologies to watch in 2020: Elhanan Borenstein and former GS grad Alex Nord are featured in Nature article.

Kate Dusenbury and Will DeWitt have been awarded NRSA fellowships from the NIAID.

Glennis Logsdon has been awarded an NRSA fellowship from the NIH.
Stella Huang and Rebecca Martin have been awarded the Parker Travel Award for best poster at the department retreat.

Introducing the Genome Sciences 2019 incoming graduate class:

Anna Bakhtina, University of Washington

Conor Camplisson, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Phillip Chu, Northwestern University

Madeleine Duran, MIT

Austin Gabel, UW MSTP

Xavi Guitart, Vanderbilt University

Kianna Hales, University of Washington

Morgan Hamm, University of Washington

Lilian Heil, University of North Carolina

Maya Lewinsohn, UW MSTP

Sophie Moggridge, University of Victoria

Sriram Pendyala, UW MSTP

Zorian Thornton, Virginia Tech

Wei Yang, UCLA

Ashley Hall has been awarded an NRSA fellowship from the NIH.

High school intern Jenna Everard took first place in the Bio Expo, lab research category. Jenna was mentored by Brook Nunn, Emma Timmins-Schiffman, and Andy Lin.
Robin Aguilar, Phoebe Parrish, and Sam Smukowski have been awarded NSF fellowships.

Genome Sciences Travel Award winners
In our first application cycle, the Department has funded travel awards to 3 graduate students – Melissa Chiasson, Claudia Espinoza and Colby Samstag – and one postdoc, Jed Carlson. The awards are funded by income to the Department from endowments established by Genome Sciences faculty and are to encourage professional development.

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