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2019-20 Training Sessions for Administrators

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Career and technical education (CTE) programs in Virginia public schools serve more than 640,000 students in one or more CTE courses in grades 6-12. These programs are designed to prepare young people for productive futures while meeting the commonwealth’s need for well-trained and industry-certified technical workers.

Virginia acknowledges the importance of career and technical education to students and the commonwealth through diploma seals awarded by the Board of Education, by recognizing industry credentialing in its diploma requirements, and through the use of Career Pathways as an integral part of the newly required Academic and Career Plan.

Sample Academic and Career Plans of Study

Career Clusters Sample Plans of Study – a resource to assist CTE administrators and school counselors in developing student academic and career plans of study for successful transitions between secondary and postsecondary education for each pathway within a career cluster. The sample plans of study template meets all the state and federal requirements.

CTE Performance Trends

Career and Technical Education (CTE) actively partners with business and industry to design and provide high quality, dynamic programs to meet current, emerging and projected labor market needs. Virginia’s 16 career clusters help students investigate careers and design a rigorous and relevant plan of study to advance their career goals. Each career cluster contains multiple pathways that represent a common set of academic, technical and employability skills. Career pathways lead to credentials that qualify students for a range of career opportunities from entry to professional level.

For assistance with the CTE Performance Trends files, contact [email protected]

Virginia's Credentialing InitiativeVirginia’s Credentialing Initiative (PDF) – provides a snapshot of the number of industry credentials earned by students in career and technical education over the past several years.

Curriculum for Military Science

All curriculum frameworks are available through VERSOThis link takes you out of the Virginia Department of Education website from the CTE Resource Center: 

  • AF 7913:  Air Force JROTC I
  • AF 7916:  Air Force JROTC II
  • AF 7918:  Air Force JROTC III
  • AF 7919:  Air Force JROTC IV
  • AR7913:  Army JROTC I
  • AR7916:  Army JROTC II
  • AR7918:  Army JROTC III
  • AR7919:  Army JROTC IV
  • MC7913:  Marine Corps JROTC I
  • MC7916:  Marine Corps JROTC II
  • MC7918:  Marine Corps JROTC III
  • MC7919:  Marine Corps JROTC IV
  • NA7913:  Navy JROTC I
  • NA7916:  Navy JROTC II
  • NA7918:  Navy JROTC III
  • NA7919:  Navy JROTC IV

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