What Playgroups Have to Offer for Children and Parents

With more and more playgroups in the eastern suburbs popping up, you might be wondering just what they are and why you should consider taking your child to one. Playgroups are small get-togethers for children in a similar age group that allow them to play and take part in fun activities. They can often be found at schools and community centres in local communities.

While young infants and toddlers may not get a lot out of a playgroup, it exposes them to other infants, plus parents are given the opportunity to meet other parents. Playgroups have much to offer for both children and parents. You can either sit back and watch your child learning to adjust with other kids, or you can get into the thick of things and play along with them.  Continue reading to learn more about how playgroups benefit children and adults.  

The Benefits of Playgroup for Children

Playgroups are more than just fun for kids – they can also help them to grow and develop, giving them the opportunity to develop life skills in their own way. Playgroups can be beneficial for children in the following areas:

Social Skills

In playgroup, children can learn skills that foster good relationships. As they play with other children, they’ll learn things like sharing with others, compromising, and social boundaries. While you might not see immediate growth in this area, you’ll likely notice the benefits later when your child attends preschool or kindergarten.

Imaginative Play

Most parents will agree that there’s nothing more special than watching your child role-play their own adventure stories. With costumes they use or make themselves, they can become anything from a superhero to a prince or princess. A playgroup allows children to blend their ideas with other kids and put on an imaginative performance of a lifetime – even if it’s only for them.

Experience New Things

Many playgroups in the eastern suburbs offer activities that can’t be experienced at home, such as craft activities and petting zoos. A playgroup helps children enjoy these activities and also allows them to share the experience with other kids.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Most playgroups will offer a variety of activities that your child can get involved in to develop motor skills. This includes arts and craft projects that are perfect for developing fine motor skills as well as ball sports that can help with gross motor skills.

How Playgroups Can Benefit Parents

The majority of playgroups in the eastern suburbs offer much more than just playtime with other kids, as there’s a lot for parents to get out of it too. Some of the advantages for parents include: 

  • Get to know other parents

  • Have conversations with other adults
  • Advice on issues they may experience with their child
  • A chance to watch their child have fun in a new environment
  • The opportunity to take part in activities that aren’t possible at home
  • Resource support