Why Graduating with Good Grades Matter

Most people tend to justify poor grades by giving scenarios of successful individuals that came out with poor grades. However, this shouldn’t lead to laxity. Take a look at some ideas about why graduating with good grades matter.

1.  Good Grades open doors To Colleges And Universities

For students harboring hopes of going to college, high school grades are of utmost importance. One major factor that colleges take into consideration when they are about to decide on accepting or rejecting a student is their Grade Point Average (GPA).

College grades are also of much importance if a student is harboring hopes of graduating or going further to enter a professional school. The level of competition among students that applied for veterinary school, law school, graduate business school, medical school, and most programs that are offered in graduate arts and sciences is quite intense. The most critical determinant of a student’s admission for their course of interest is probably their college grades.

The fact that grades are a more reliable determinant of success in advanced work than test scores are generally known and acknowledged among various experienced admission officers. Despite that, a small number of people that possess the right connections with those in admission offices or those students that possess excellent performances or achievements in extracurricular activities could be admitted despite their average grades. But the chance of this occurring is meager.

More often than not, the best graduate and professional schools usually have applicants that number two to ten times the number of spaces that they have available. Hence, they can only afford to pick the best of them all. Students with less than a B average grade are not usually considered in most fields, and some schools rarely choose students that have less than an A- average grade.

2.  Good Grades Have A Heavy Influence On Future Earnings

Most of us during our childhood had experiences where we were paid for achieving a particular grade as a form of encouragement by our parents and hence knows the importance that good grades carry. Over time, it has been noticed that those that make more money in their careers usually had good grades while they were in school. The difference exists even if you don’t go further than high school and increases with other academic qualifications earned. Therefore, for those planning to go for advanced studies, the importance of good grades can’t be ignored even though, as many of us, you may have your reservations. Virtually all companies paid individuals with good grades than those with just the skills.

3.  Grades Increase The Level Of Confidence

Studies conducted on a group of students determined their level of self-esteem based on their academic performance levels. They found out that family support played an essential role in a student’s level of self-worth.

From reviews on sites like Norskeanmeldelser, it was found out that students that suffered from low self-esteem had a higher chance of experiencing poor health, earning much less than their mates, and getting involved in criminal activities. As those that are more susceptible to having poor grades are students that are poor academically, this forms a continuous and self-reinforcing loop. Poverty leads to poor academic performance and low self-esteem, which in turn causes more poverty and then social dysfunction.